N-Tyre System Software and Reports

Flowing from the generation of its own patented power generator, combined with other patented features, the N-Tyre System is capable of computing large amounts of data, thereby providing users with unique information and numerous useful reports that have been impossible to achieve until now.

Users are able to extract information from the hosting facility provided by the N-Tyre System’s dedicated website.

The N-Tyre System software boasts an exceptionally comprehensive yet user-friendly interface. The most unique feature of the NTS software is that is requires absolutely minimal human input in order to provide truly remarkable information, as 99% of the input is generated automatically by the NTS itself.

The moment a situation occurs that increases the operational costs of the vehicle, the NTS implements an algorithm calculating exactly what it is costing to operate the vehicle in that condition.
Example: the increase in tyre-wear at a pressure of 80% of the inflation will cause a decrease in tyre life of approximately 25%

With every rotation of the wheel, the NTS calculates exactly what it is costing and also adjusts the projected life of the tyre. A truly remarkable and unique feature of the NTS software is that it reports savings on a daily basis.

Features include:

  • Automatic tread depth monitor
  • Individual tyre Odometer
  • Route data analysis
  • Digital tyre identification
  • Tyre-make performance comparison
  • Remote tyre auditing
  • Tyre performance history


Software Screen Shots