The following hardware components are items installed in the fitment proccess

Tyre Tag

  • Digitally identifies the Tyre
  • Readable Distance of 30 meters
  • 0 to 16,8 Million Users. “Unique for every N-Tyre Client”
  • 0 to 4,3 Billion Unique I.D. No’s
  • Transmits data every 9 seconds
  • 4 years of battery life.

The N-Tyre System Dual Hub Unit

  • Self powered
  • Senses pressure, temperature, vibration and rotation16.8 million unique ID’s
  • Up to 256 wheel positions (Rail coach application)
  • Remotely upgradeable
  • Dual processors
  • Receives data from Tyre Tag
  • Transmits data on 433.3 Mhz. every 15 seconds
  • Readable distance of 50 meters
  • Inflation easily accessed for both tyres
The DHU processes information from its sensors providing the driver with early warnings of any potential problems. Each unit operates on its own unique code; therefore the signals transmitted by one vehicle will not interfere with another. The unit is completely sealed and maintenance-free.With the premise that ‘prevention is better than a cure’, the driver is able to change the faulty tyre, brake or bearing well in advance of a problem occurring, that may have resulted in serious, costly damage.Non-response from the driver results in SMS messages sent at 3 predetermined critical pressure levels to separate cell phones.


Main Cab Display Unit

The Main Cab Display Unit is easy on the eye and fits into the standard radio slot. It not only is the Main Computer Control Unit for the NTS, it also houses a fully functional FM/AM radio. The driver will therefore not have to forfeit his/her radio in order to have the system fitted.The system is user-friendly and designed to provide the driver with easily interpreted information;

  • Receives data from Tags, DHU’s and Trailer ID units
  • Processes and displays data
  • Alarms for hazardous or costly events
  • Stores reports
  • Computes and displays information to the driver critical to safe and economical driving;
  • Built-in radio facility!;
  • Automatically downloads stored information to mainframe computers, laptops or the Website every 24 hours;
  • Built in GSM unit and has a ‘hands-free’ for use as a Cellphone;
  • Built in GPS unit and will indicate the truck’s exact location at any time.In the event of the driver ignoring continuous warnings, his immediate manager will be notified of this oversight via an SMS transmitted from the MCDU via GSM . This system will warn the manager sufficiently early to prevent serious damage to the tyres & vehicle. (This feature is optional)
  • Links to existing On Board Computer or Tracking System

Vehicle Identification Unit

  • Digitally identifies trailer
  • Relays data from trailer DHU’s to next VIU or MCDU
  • Up to 256 trailers (Rail Application)
  • Microprocessor controlled with 1 Mb memory

Hand Reader

  • Receiver / Transmitter of all NTS coded signals.
  • Readable distance of up to 40 metres.
  • 2 megabyte storage for manual downloading of the MCDU.
  • Re-programming of any DHU, TIU or MCDU via wireless transmission or cable as a back-up.
  • Digital tread depth reader.
  • Bar code reader.
  • The infra red scanner.