Features and Benefits of the NTS

The following features of the N-Tyre System are what makes this system unique and an asset to any fleet.

Monitors tyre pressures every 15 seconds

  • Increases re-casing ratio by saving on blow-outs
  • Decreases fuel consumption increases caused by running with deflated tyres
  • Improves road safety by preventing blow-outs
  • Saves damage to roads caused by driving with bare rims
  • Saves on damage to adjacent tyres caused by blow-outs
  • Saves damage to roads caused by driving with bare rims
  • Saves on costs due to extra wear to adjacent tyre whilst neighbour is running flat
  • Saves on insurance excesses and premiums
  • Saves on costs of buying new tyres in remote locations
  • Saves on damage to cargo caused by accidents and pilferage
  • Improves delivery schedules
  • Permits data download accumulated in MCDU to any mainframe, laptop or special website
  • Improves environment by eliminating discarded casings left from blow-outs

Monitors brake and wheel bearing temperature

  • Prevents costly brake and bearing seizures
  • Prevents cost of ‘flat-spotting’ in destruction of tyres due to seizure of brakes or bearings
  • Improves safety for truck, driver and other road-users

Monitors tread separation

  • Prevents total destruction of tyre and casing
  • Improves safety for both truck driver and other road-users
  • Improves the environment by reducing debris caused by shredding tyres

Monitors removal of tyres

  • Checks on speed of replacements required by deflated or damaged tyres
  • Prevents unauthorised removal of tyres when parked at night
  • Prevents ‘unauthorised tyre swapping’

Acts as a type of odometer

  • Gives complete history of tyre when ‘tagged’ with its own ID
  • Enables accurate trip analysis with distance-related data
  • Enables computer to estimate tread-wear and value of tyre

System incorporates active RF tyre TAG system

  • Gives a complete history of any tagged tyre
  • Locates any tagged tyre at any time
  • Details any tyre changes on any horse or trailer
  • Permits tyre analysis by trip, driver, trailer, season, load and manufacturer
  • Can prevent vehicle leaving depot without correct tyre inflation pressures
  • Warns driver, at any time, if he is driving in excess of manufacturer’s specifications
  • Enables FD to obtain an instant read-out of tyre locations and values, at any given time

Integrated main cab display unit

  • Allows for GSM links to depots
  • Acts as a hands-free cell phone facility
  • Allows for data downloads at any time via GSM link
  • Can be installed with geo-mapping system for extra monitoring
  • Doubles as an FM/AM radio
  • Full audio and visual warnings with pertinent detail

Employs its own power generation

  • Enables continuous transfer of data to MCDU every 15 seconds
  • Enables analysis of many pieces of data, simultaneously and continuously
  • Greatly limits use of battery power – only required when travelling below 20 KMH
  • Acts as a battery charger to ensure batteries are constantly kept in their optimum condition
  • Unlike battery-powered systems, the system NTS is not affected by changes in ambient temperature

The NTS is quick and simple to install

  • All components are designed for simplicity of installation. No special skills are required
  • A network of trained and appointed installation companies will be available for clients
  • The unit is quick and easy to service whilst being extremely robust