Fitment of the N-Tyre System

The Dual Hub Unit (DHU) is connected directly over the wheel bearing dust cap of the vehicle. Two pipes are connected to the valve of both the inner and outer tyres.


The first noticeable benefit of the NTS is that each tyre can now be easily inflated directly from the DHU without removing any of the connections.

The Main Cab Display Unit (MCDU) is easy on the eye and fits into the standard slot allocated for a radio. Since it utilises this spot, it was found to be essential that it possesses its own radio in order for the driver not to have for forfeit his radio in place of the system.

The system is user-friendly and designed to provide the driver with easily interpreted information.

The unit houses the main NTS computer, a custom-made graphic display, a GPS, a GSM / GPRS unit, a radio and a cassette tape player all in one, ergonomically designed, aesthetically pleasing and compact unit. By pressing the buttons, different displays show exactly where a fault has occurred and what the values are.

The Trailer Identification Unit (TIU) is compact and is fitted unobtrusively and safely out of sight beneath the trailer.