Welcome to N-Tyre Solutions

The N-Tyre System is a system of wireless hardware and software, incorporating a unique power generator that assists with monitoring and management and so significantly reduces tyre, wheel and associated costs. Computerised (on-line / real time) data logging enables the NTS to continuously monitor and manage tyre pressure, brake and wheel bearing temperatures, as well as potential tread separation.

This system indentifies each individual wheel and tyre, accurately monitoring parameters critical to safe and efficient operation by transmitting and receiving data from the tag to its website (uploading of tyre data as well as downloading of software for system upgrades), generating a warning signal well in advance of a potential hazard.

It includes its own unique method of automatically ascertaining trailer configurations, whilst ignoring all signals emanating from any neighbouring vehicles. It too provides an accurate assessment of CPK routes and other statistical data based on actual tyre performance.

Revolutionising the transport industry

The biggest items of expenditure facing the transport and logistics industry are tyre costs and fuel. A portion of these costs relative to the truck and bus industry are unnecessary, and frequently caused by a lack of knowledge by the driver regarding the condition of the vehicles tyres and related components.

The NTS generates its own power and continuously transmits critical data from each wheel to the cab, informing the driver of a potential problem

With a premise that ‘prevention is better than a cure’, the NTS is designed to reduce costs as follows;

  • Reduces tyre wear by monitoring and aid in maintaining correct tyre pressures;

  • Reduces neighbouring tyre wear by maintaining correct pressures (deflating tyres always cause accelerating wear to the neighbouring tyre);

  • Prevents tyre damage caused by locked brakes by monitoring brake temperatures and signalling temperature variations;

  • Prevents tyre destruction caused by seized wheel bearings by monitoring wheel bearing temperatures
  • Improves retreading potential by safeguarding the casing from abuse, which renders the casing invalid for further retreading;

  • Improves driver and road-user safety by immediately signalling leaks, blow-outs or tread separation;

  • Reduces danger of tyre theft or ‘swaps’ by signalling tyre removal;

  • Potentially reduces insurance costs of both premiums and excesses by decreasing the risk factor to the insurance company;

  • Reduces labour spent on checking tyre pressure by giving continuous access to the pressure of each wheel on a single display. The actual task of inflating each tyre is also made quicker and easier with the NTS;

  • Reduces labour spent on tyre condition reports by enabling operators to enter tyre condition information directly into the NTS Hand Reader